Tax Deductible Sanitas Autonomous Insurance

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One of the concerns of a self-employed worker is to have a medical insurance with full coverage that covers him in case of illness or that adapts to his schedule when he has to visit the doctor. Also for the fastest, both in appointments and tests, because there is dental coverage, etc.

One of the most frequent doubts when hiring a health insurance for self-employed is if those insurances can be tax deducted.

Most insurance can not be deferred for employees, however some insurance policies are tax-deductible for the self-employed such as car insurance, life insurance, liability insurance and health insurance. And what percentage is deductible.

In the case of Sanitas insurance for the self-employed, it is a deductable expense in the IRPF, reaching a tax savings of up to 30%.

To learn more about this deduction or the insurance features, click here Sanitas Autónomos.

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