Cheap prices on car insurance

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Due to the current crisis, Spaniards have opted for savings on car insurance and have turned to internet offers, which are cheaper, more convenient and with better coverage than the traditional way of going to the office and taking out insurance. According to the latest surveys, 55% of car policy purchases are made in some way through the Internet, either by telephone calls or directly.

As everything that works on the internet, in this case there are also insurance comparators where you can choose between different insurance companies calculating the price of the cheapest car insurance, the coverage (roadside assistance, theft, fire), contracting forms, conditions, etc. The idea is to fill out a simple form to view this data.

However, no two comparisons are the same, it depends on the model of the car, the years of the insured’s license, claims and a series of factors that make us have to enter the data in each comparison we make, we must also take into account that each insurer wants to be competitive for a particular audience and therefore we will find very cheap prices of an insurer in a comparison and in another we find that same insurer with prices that do not interest us.

Finally, it should be added that in the insurance world there is no ranking that is valid for more than 15 days, since due to strong competition, insurers are constantly modifying their rates and launching aggressive promotions, limited in time, to attract new customers.

Therefore, the key to find a cheap car insurance is to compare the quotes of all the insurers for your profile shortly before the moment you are going to make the decision. Everything else is inaccurate and can lead you to spend more money than you should.

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